Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty a Souls Like Game? – Answered

This game is punishing.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Team NINJA and Koei Tecmo

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is finally here, and with the positive reviews, players are ready to get involved in the action. From the developers of Ninja Gaiden and Nioh, Team Ninja brings a new action-role-playing game with demanding difficulty. But does Team Ninja’s latest game fit into the Souls-like subgenre? We have the answer for you.

Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Considered a Souls-like?

In short, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty falls into the Souls-like subgenre. For a game to fall under this subgenre, it must have demanding and punishing difficulty, world-building filled with lore, and combat focused on studying enemy patterns while slowly improving with practice.

Our review mentions how the game feels like a combination of Nioh and Sekiro. Those unfamiliar with those two games should know that they both fall under the Souls-like category as well. Sekiro even comes from the developers at Fromsoftware, the studio that created the subgenre through its Demon Souls and Dark Souls entries.

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While the game is considered Souls-like, that doesn’t mean it brings nothing new. It adds great mechanics that are helping push the genre forward in a good way. For example, a morale system levels you up temporarily and slowly increases as you continue to kill more enemies. This adds a twist to the souls formula, as it makes you fear death not by losing experience points but by losing your hard-earned strength!

All in all, fans of the Souls-like genre have a lot to find in this game and should rest assured it is a great addition. As you progress in the game, focus on which virtue to level up first, how to upgrade weapons, and how to increase Dragon Cure Pot Capacity. Each will be crucial in surviving Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s punishing world.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023