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John Wick Hex: How to Move and Rotate the Camera

You can't kill enemies that you can't see.

by Kyle Hanson


John Wick Hex takes the adventures of Keanu Reeves’ iconic action hero and turns it into a sort of turn-based chess game. Where most players might expect a third or first person shooter for this franchise, they’ve always liked to surprise and Hex certainly does that. However, given how unique the gameplay is crafted, it makes for a confusing experience for some players. Even basic elements of the game aren’t totally understood without diving into the options menu. This is the case with the camera, so here’s how to move and rotate the camera in John Wick Hex.

How to Move the Camera

John Wick Hex’s camera is an interesting beast. Utilizing an isometric perspective, players can move the camera via what is typically the movement keys for characters. WASD will handle the job on PC, letting you move up, left, right, or down respectively. You’ll need to do this a lot throughout the game, as there isn’t really an auto-track feature and you often need to scout ahead before moving John into potential danger. But even knowing this you might find the camera not focusing on the action. That’s when you need to know how to rotate the camera in John Wick Hex.

How to Rotate the Camera

Q and E will do the job when you need to rotate left or right. While this might not come to you by just guessing, it makes a ton of sense and ends up allowing for quick and easy camera control throughout the game. Basically all you need to do to control every facet of John Wick Hex is rest your hand on the usual spots on the keyboard and use the mouse as normal. Simple stuff, but that should help you understand everything there is to know about how to move and rotate the camera in John Wick Hex.

- This article was updated on:October 8th, 2019

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