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John Wick Hex: How to Save

Save your progress before you can save anyone else.

by Kyle Hanson


John Wick Hex will certainly surprise players in a lot of ways. Featuring the titular hitman before his “retirement” and the subsequent films that followed, the game is a great way to learn new things about the character fans love. Its genre is also a surprise, featuring more strategic gameplay than many would expect from such an action focused franchise. With all of these surprises, fans may also wonder if the mechanics of the game are different then normal. For example, what kind of save system does it use? Here’s how to save in John Wick Hex.

How to Save

No big surprises here, except perhaps how simple it all is. John Wick Hex uses a single save file to manage the entire game. It relies on auto-save to handle pretty much everything beyond that. But only in limited ways. To break it down: the individual missions you embark on don’t have checkpoints or in-mission saves. Once you start one, you’ll want to finish it before closing the game or you’ll lose your progress. There’s no way around this, but each mission only lasts a few minutes, so just complete it or be ready to start at the beginning.

Between the smaller missions the game will save though, keeping your progress throughout the overall level, as long as you complete the mission before exiting the game. John Wick Hex features a set of these levels with their own missions within. You can go back to replay previous levels if you want, but that will reset your progress through the current one. Unless you really need to go back and complete something, it’s best to finish the game as a whole first, or you risk losing some progress.

So the answer to how to save in John Wick Hex is to let the game handle it for you. However, you need to watch for when it might lose some progress along the way. Complete each small mission as you go, and make sure you don’t go to replay previous levels without finishing the full set you’re working on and you should be fine.

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