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Journey to the Savage Planet – How to Heal

Shoot orange plants in order to heal your wounds.

by Diego Perez


Journey to the Savage Planet, the quirky space game from Typhoon Studios, is primarily an exploration game, but thanks to some pretty common combat sections, you’re going to need to know how to heal your wounds if you’re to survive on AR-Y 26 for long. Fortunately, finding health is almost never an issue, and you should have fairly easy access to health at any time during a combat encounter.

How to Heal in Journey to the Savage Planet

Health does not automatically regenerate in Journey to the Savage Planet. Instead, you’re going to have to collect health pickups, which can be obtained by shooting the orange plants that are spread throughout the world. If you shoot these plants with your laser pistol, they’ll drop plenty of health for you, so much that you’ll find the majority of an upgraded health bar filled by just one plant. These plants are very easy to spot, and they’re plentiful enough that you’re never too far away from one when you need it most. Also, many of the game’s boss battles have tons of orange health plants scattered around the arenas, so even the toughest tests of strength Journey to the Savage Planet has to offer can be overcome with just a little resilience.


Outside of the orange healing plants, the collectible orange goo that increases your maximum health and stamina will also refill your health so long as you collect enough to actually raise your maximum health. They might not be as commonplace as the typical orange healing plants, but knowing they refill your health can make going out of your way to collect one all the more enticing. All in all, you most likely won’t be worrying about your health bar that often during Journey to the Savage Planet, but you can still take comfort in knowing that healing is never that far away.

- This article was updated on:January 27th, 2020

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