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Does Journey to the Savage Planet Have Local Co-Op?

Can you play Journey to the Savage Planet with a local friend?

by Diego Perez


Journey to the Savage Planet, the quirky space exploration game from Typhoon Studios, allows you to freely explore a faraway alien planet known as AR-Y 26 either alone or with a friend in multiplayer via online co-op. Playing with a friend is the best way to uncover the secrets AR-Y 26 has to offer, but can you play with a friend locally via couch co-op, or are you restricted to online play?

Does Journey to the Savage Planet Have Couch Co-Op?

Unfortunately, Journey to the Savage Planet does not feature any sort of local multiplayer. If you want to play with a friend, you’re going to have to play online and that friend will also need to own a copy of the game. To access online multiplayer in Journey to the Savage Planet, one player has to host a session by choosing the Cooperative option from the game’s main menu. From there, they’ll be able to invite a second player to join the session.

Only the host will retain their save state and materials gathered during gameplay. That means if you’re playing as player two, you won’t get to keep save any of the progress you make in that session or be able to take any of the materials, like carbon, silicon, or alien alloys, back with you to your save. Both players will still earn achievements and trophies during online play, so at least not everything is lost.

Cooperative play is definitely the best way to experience Journey to the Savage Planet. The game is filled with interesting places to explore and wacky creatures to find, and sharing those discoveries with a friend makes them that much more exciting. You can stick together and work your way across AR-Y 26’s surface as partners, or you can split up and cover more ground. Splitting up leads to lots of interesting discussions about the things each player finds as they wander different areas of the game’s biomes, so we recommend giving your partner a little breathing room if you do decide to play online.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2020

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