June 14 Wordle Answer: Hints and Solution for Wordle 360

More Wordles coming at you.

by Elliott Gatica


Just five more days until Wordle has hit the big 365. Even though there have been that many around, many didn’t delve into it until its astronomical rise in early 2022. We at least had one friend who Tweeted green and yellow squares. Maybe you’re a bit more lowkey and just want to play the game, but you’re also managing a good record. Worry not, we’re here to help you with the Wordle of June 14 with some hints and the answer.

Hints for Wordle June 14

Here are some hints that should point you to or at least close to today’s answer.

  • This is a word that you call someone who gives, either for medical purposes or charity.
  • This word starts with a consonant.
  • There is one vowel, but it is used twice in the word.
  • This word contains two syllables.

Toady’s Wordle 360 Answer

Should the hints above not suffice or you just want the answer, it’ll be listed down below.


The answer to the June 14 Wordle is DONOR.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a free word-guessing game where you have six tries a day to guess the word of the day. Each word has five letters and exists in the English language, but with how complicated it is, there can be some tricky words to throw you off.

Oftentimes, people would use strategies like a vowel-heavy opener to easily rule out at least one letter to help construct the word of the day. Starting off with a word like AUDIO, ADIEU, or OUIJA can easily rule out 80% of the vowels in the alphabet, disregarding Y on some rare occasions.

Another strategy is to construct three words that use all the vowels and lesser-used letters like Q, W, X, and Z. Try using these words in your first three answers: ZEBRA, QUITS, and MOLDY. They cover all vowels and the harder-to-use consonants that will guarantee at least one yellow. That greatly increases your odds by your fourth guess.

You can play Wordle for free on the New York Times via a smart device or PC.

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