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Knockout City Update 3.01 Patch Notes

New features and more

Update 3.01 has arrived for Knockout City, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Velan Studios has now released a new update for Knockout City om all platforms. If you are playing the PS4 version of the game, the patch number is 3.01. Otherwise for everyone else this is patch number 3.0 and it introduces Season 3 content to the game.

Aside from the usual bug fixes, this new update comes with improved features for the game. Not to mention there are tons of new stuff now available in the Item Shop. Anyway, you can read the full patch notes down below.

Knockout City Update 3.01 Patch Notes


  • Brawl Pass
    • Dev Note: This was a tough one to implement in time, but we’re thrilled to bring you a fully operational Brawl Pass, complete with Deep Space Dispatches with lore about the DJ and Z3R0. We’re really excited to share this with all of you.
  • Crew Horns, New Player Voices and Crew Motorcycles
    • Dev Note: It feels strange just listing these features as bullet points, because there’s so much that went into each one of them, from creation to implementation. My favorite is pairing the Z3R0 voice with the [REDACTED] motorcycle. Let us know what you think!
  • The Brawl Shop now has even more new items up for sale. Now, where players once saw empty store slots in Daily Items, they will now see XP Boosts, Energy Drinks, and Style Chips. Go spend those hard-earned Holobux. The Brawl Shop will also no longer try to sell items that players had already purchased in Bundles.
    • Dev note: Z3R0 must have hacked the Bundle store’s records and made them available to the Daily Items. Change your passwords regularly, brawlers.
  • We want our Diamond brawlers to enjoy the experience of climbing the leaderboards and not be confused by why their Skill Rating goes up or down. An improved Skill Rating system for Leaderboard placement makes this more predictable based on wins and losses; wins always makes Skill Rating go up, and losses always make Skill Rating go down. The highest Skill Rating is now 5000. You can read more about this here.
    • Dev note: With Season 2 we introduced Leaderboards, a highly requested feature from our top players who wanted to see how they stacked up against other top players. Once players reached the top tier, Diamond, we used their Skill Rating to rank them within that tier. But we got a lot of feedback about how Skill Rating was calculated and changed after matches. Now, Skill Rating will always go up for wins and down for losses, adjusted by how well-matched the game was for each team. We will be watching how Season 3 progresses and tweaking some values behind the scenes, so please continue to give us your feedback.
  • Improved visibility of the Danger Zone in Face-Off mode by making it taller.
  • Players can now sort Voices in Customize Brawler.



  • Balls thrown to teammates will no longer add overcharge past the first level when perfect catching, bringing this in-line with the way passing works
  • Fixed some issues that could cause inadvertently KO’ing a teammate to count as an Assist
  • Fixed an issue where fake throwing an untargeted charged ball could be charged up and thrown at an opponent without warning
  • Thrown balls will no longer track on a player that is being thrown as an Ultimate
  • Tweaked spawn point selection to lessen the chance that respawning players will spawn near a player on another team


  • Fixed an issue that had caused decreased sharpness and image quality for players on Xbox Series S

Voice Chat

  • Fixed a case where the, “You left voice chat,” notification could remain stuck on screen if you were disconnected due to lack of activity
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Voice Chat to stop working when suspending and resuming on Switch

Groups and Friends

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while scrolling through the friends list with lots of friends going on and offline
  • Fixed some issues that could cause friend requests to disappear very quickly
  • Fixed some cases where a player joining a group that was starting either Training or a Private Match could end up by themselves in the Hideout, or be put into a Private Match when the Group Leader canceled matchmaking at the last moment


  • Fixed a scrolling issue with League Leaderboards where scrolling to the top sometimes didn’t show the top entry properly.


  • Fixed a walkway in Concussion Yard that the player could fall through if going into ballform while jumping
  • Adjusted the invisible ceiling in Back Alley Brawl so ballform characters thrown high into the air don’t get KO’d
  • Fixed one of the tarps on the wall in Back Alley Brawl so players can’t walk along it


  • The Contracts display in the Hideout will no longer appear if the player has no incomplete Contracts


  • Fixed an issue where using Change Teams in the Main Menu would sometimes not display the chosen color when the player unpaused the game

The above information was originally posted on the game’s official website. Knockout City is available now for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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