Knotwords Daily Classic Solution for May 2

Need help with today's Knotwords puzzle?

by Diego Perez


Knotwords is the next big word game after Wordle, but it’s an entirely different beast. Just like Wordle, there’s a new Knotwords puzzle available every day, and today (May 2) is no exception. Today’s set of words is tricky, but the puzzle is not impossible. Today’s Knotworods puzzle isn’t the hardest one that we’ve seen, but some people are still in need of some additional assistance. Don’t worry if you’re in that situation, because we’ve got your back with hints and the answer for the May 2 Knotwords puzzle.

Knotwords May 2 Words

Here are the words that are featured in today’s Knotwords puzzle in order.

  • Across
    • Trek
    • Ha
    • Avid
    • Tens
  • Down
    • That
    • Grave
    • In
    • Skids

If you still need more help, then you can see an image of the fully completed puzzle by scrolling down below.

Knotwords May 2 Answer

Here is a picture of the finished puzzle so you can see where all the words should be.


With that, you’ve completed today’s Knotwords puzzle! Come back tomorrow for a fresh set of words, or check out this month’s Puzzlebooks for more challenges.

What is Knotwords?

Knotwords is a crossword puzzle with a twist. Some spaces have letters marked on them, and you have to figure out which order to put the letters in while still keeping every word in the puzzle valid. It sounds confusing at first, but it’s easy to get the hang of it once you actually try it yourself. Sometimes, the puzzles are small like today. Other times, longer words are used and that leads to giant crosswords that seem intimidating at first glance.

How to Play Knotwords

Knotwords is available for free on iOS and Android devices, and you can also play it on PC via Steam. The PC version costs money though, so you won’t be able to play for free. However, the full experience isn’t free even on mobile devices. The free download gets you access to the Daily Classic puzzle, which you can think of as the equivalent of the daily Wordle. For a one-time purchase of $11.99 or a yearly subscription of $4.99, you’ll receive an archive of past Knotwords puzzles and even more Knotwords goodness that isn’t limited to one puzzle per day.

Knotwords is available now on PC and mobile devices.

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