Latest Roblox News: All New Codes For Bitcoin Miner & Booth Game, Players’ Surprising Creation Adds Streaming To Experiences

See what is new in the world of Roblox.

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Roblox Corporation

Gamers may be able to have a watch party with their friends inside their favorite game very shortly if a few talented developers can get their newest creation into the mainstream Roblox world. Alongside this amazing development, we also have some amazing new codes for gamers to try out to earn some new items and goodies within their favorite experiences on the Roblox platform!

Fresh Booth Game Codes (February 2023)

Image: Manual/Roblox

Gamers hoping to set up a booth and sell some products should check out Booth Game. It works very similar to other experiences, such as Pls Donate, but rather than spending Robux, players will have the chance to make new friends and sell plenty of exciting products to people on their server.

All Working Booth Game Codes

  • BistroFeature – +25 Minutes
  • New10KLikes – 30 Minutes
  • BoothCleanUp – 30 Minutes
  • PatrickHouse – 30 Minutes

All Expired Booth Game Codes

  • There are currently no expired Booth Game Codes.

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All Bitcoin Miner Codes (February 2023)

Image: polandgamebuilders/Roblox

For those that are hoping to get rich quick, it seems that Bitcoin Miner might be the perfect experience to jump right into. Not only will gamers have the chance to score some riches in this virtual world, but they’ll also get to mess around with other Crypto in this exciting simulator!

All Working Bitcoin Miner Codes

  • WeekIV – Super Mining Boost
  • Week3 – Alien Blockhead
  • AnotherBlock – Concrete Block
  • extra – Starter Electricity Box
  • FreeLvl – One Level Up
  • SanFloor – Turn the floor into sand

All Expired Bitcoin Miner Codes

  • RGBUpdate
  • NotATrashcan
  • NewUI
  • NotAPlate
  • AnotherCodeOnARock
  • EvenMoreCodes
  • truckboost
  • GrassWall
  • AgainBoost
  • QuadBoost
  • ExtraBooster
  • BoostOnSign
  • UpBoost
  • ExchangeSkulls
  • thxfor100m
  • : )
  • GrassWalls
  • PlantWalls
  • Anotherblock
  • BtrBoost
  • BoosterCode
  • 50mil
  • ChargedUpdate
  • Patch
  • FreeBoost
  • sandtower
  • WhiteTree
  • FreeCrate
  • GiveLantern
  • JustStone
  • Phase3
  • Headstart

Players Make A Working Streaming Center In Roblox

It looks like two talented Roblox fans went ahead and added something quite exciting. While the original use may be a bit meme-worthy, seeing as it can only currently play Cocomelon, it seems that not only @KreekCraft is excited about the possibilities that it could contain. Does this mean that we may have a chance to get our friends together in the future to watch a few films together in Roblox? It’s hard to say right now, but the possibilities seem to be endless at this point.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023