League of Legends “O Brave Knight” Mystery Objective Explained

How do you complete this mystery mission?

by Diego Perez


A series of new quests have been added to League of Legends, but in order to unlock them, you’ll first need to complete a mystery objective that doesn’t tell you exactly what to do. It reads “O Brave Knight, Seek our Lightless Champions, Embrace the Eclipse.” It sounds like The Riddler got a job at Riot Games, because that tells you absolutely nothing about what you’re supposed to do. Thankfully, the actual objective is quite easy once you figure out what to do. Here’s how to complete the “Embrace the Eclipse” mystery objective in League of Legends.

What is the League of Legends Eclipse Mystery Objective?

The mystery objective is a strange mission that rewards 200 Orange Essence upon completion. It’s available for two weeks, but players are struggling to figure out what they need to do in order to complete the mission.

You need to finish the mystery mission in order to unlock the new series of Milestone Missions that are now available in League of Legends, so you can’t just ignore it. You’ll have to solve the riddle yourself, or just look up a guide like most people will end up doing anyway.

This new mystery objective is a three-line riddle that reads as follows:

“O Brave Knight

Seek our Lightless Champions

Embrace the Eclipse”

It can only be completed in matchmade games, and you only need to do it once. What exactly are you supposed to do though? All you have to do is play a match as a character with an Eclipse skin, meaning you’ll need to select either Aatrox, Senna, Sejuania, Sivir, or Kayle. You don’t need the new skins to complete this mission, you just need to play as any of them.

Some players have reported that you don’t even need to play as any of the listed champions; you just need to be in a match with them. That doesn’t work for everyone though, so just play it safe by choosing one of the five listed champions in order to accomplish the mystery objective. Because this mission is doable in matchmade games, you can play Co-Op vs Bots and it will still count.

Ecplise Milestone Missions

After completing the mystery mission, you will unlock five new Milestone Missions that have much more straightforward objectives. Here are all five of the new quests:

  1. Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya: Earn 30,000 gold (250 Blue Essence)
  2. Weapon of a Lost Age: Earn a Vision Score of 35 or more (1 Hextech Key)
  3. The Beast Rider’s Trial: As a Team, slay 4 Epic Monsters in one game (1 Hextech Chest)
  4. Knights of the Empty Moon: Get 12 or more takedowns in one game or win a game against an Aatrox (1 Hextech Chest and Key)
  5. She Must Be Stopped: Win a game with or as Sivir, Senna, or Sejuani (1 Masterwork Chest and Key)

League of Legends is available now on PC. League of Legends: Wild Rift is available on mobile devices.

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