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Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How To Get The Bow

Better start saving.

by Dean James


Link has had a laundry list of different items and weapons at this disposal over the years, with some staples continuing to pop up in pretty much every game. Many of these are also present in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, though one of the staples is held in an interesting place you may not expect. The Bow and Arrow is that very item and this guide will explain where and how you can get it.

The Bow and Arrow is typically an item Link would find somewhere inside a dungeon pretty early in a Legend of Zelda game. However, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening mixes up the formula here by taking it out of the dungeon and instead putting it as a purchasable item.

While not available right away when you visit the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village, the Bow and Arrow Set will eventually be made available for purchase sometime around the completion of the third dungeon in the game. You may have thought this is like the bombs and is only here for extra arrows, but this is the actual weapon itself.

If you want the Bow and Arrow Set though, you will have to save up a lot of rupees in the process, as it costs 980 rupees to purchase. This is a very expensive item to save for, especially when you take into account you already spent 300 rupees not too long before on the Shovel. You could go the route of stealing the item, but then you will be branded a thief for life in the game.

Once you finally acquire 980 rupees, just pick up the Bow and Arrow Set and take it over to the shopkeeper to purchase and you’ll have a new weapon to help take on the dungeons in the game, especially as they’re starting to get much harder.

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