LEGO Harry Potter Collection: How to Collect Red Bricks

Finding them is the easy part, this is what to do next.

by Kyle Hanson

As the name might imply LEGO Harry Potter Collection is all about collecting. Sure, that’s not the real meaning of the title, but the name fits with the unlockable focused collect-a-thon that is the two LEGO Harry Potter games contained in this recently released set on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You’ll be collecting LEGO bits, new characters, and various types of blocks. Most of these you just pick up and are good to go, but the special red blocks are unique. These you have to perform a specific task, so here’s how to collect red bricks in LEGO Harry Potter Collection.

First you have to find the red brick, obviously. This will depend on the level you’re playing, so search elsewhere for tips on that front. Once you find the red brick though you can come back here for the next bit. The key to collecting red bricks in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 or Years 5-7 is to always look for Hedwig.

No matter where or how you find the red brick, Hedwig will be somewhere nearby. Once you pick up the brick you just have to take it to her and turn it in. This will unlock the feature corresponding to the particular red brick you found, at least in the store. Head to the Owl Emporium for Years 1-4 or the Leaky Cauldron for Years 5-7 and upstairs and you can pay bits to turn that feature on. These include things like bit multipliers or even magnets, making your future adventures that much easier.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2018