Lethal Company Leveling Guide: All Ranks Listed

Here are all the rank levels in Lethal Company!

by Christian Bognar
All Ranks in Lethal Company
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In Lethal Company, players earn a ranking at the end of a job run, depending on their performance. In this guide, we discuss all ranks in Lethal Company and explain the requirements for earning each.

All Ranks in Lethal Company

Lethal Company has five ranks, ranging from Intern to Boss. While these ranks don’t have any in-game rewards, they are great for showing other players how good you are at Lethal Company. In other words, ranks are perfect for bragging rights. Check out all the ranks in Lethal Company below.

  • Intern: 0 to 50 XP
  • Part-time: 50 to 100 XP
  • Employee: 100 to 200 XP
  • Leader: 200 to 500 XP
  • Boss: 500+ XP

Players are graded and earn ranks in Lethal Company depending on how well they perform each round. For example, the scoring system tracks the amount of scrap you collect, whether you meet your quota, and whether you survive the round.

All of these factors are calculated at the end of a round, rewarding you with a specific amount of rank XP. As you continue to play more rounds, the amount of rank XP you receive each round will add up — determining the rank you receive (shown above).

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Can You Lose a Rank in Lethal Company?

It’s important to know that players can lose rank XP if they perform poorly during a round. The quickest way to lose rank XP is by dying, so you should do everything possible to prevent this. It’s best to play Lethal Company in a co-op environment and focus on teamwork to have the best chance of staying alive.

If you continue to lose rank XP, you will lose a rank and go down to the previous level. For example, say you are on Part-time rank but continue to perform poorly; you will then be demoted to Intern.

To help you during your rounds in Lethal Company so you can rank up faster, check out our guides that can make a big difference. For example, our monster locations and equipment guide can help you stay alive so you don’t get demoted to a lower level!

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2023

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