Live A Live: How Long is the Game?

Find out how much time you should set aside for this game!

by J.R. Waugh


Live A Live is the latest release from Square Enix, a delightful remake of the 1994 cult classic and a poignant story in its own right, interconnecting the lives of several adventurers across different periods on a fictionalized Earth.  Players will be happy to know it’s a worthwhile story to experience, not only due to Square’s JRPG record being strong for compelling storytelling experiences but due to it being a concise narrative with plenty of variety to sink your teeth into and feel satisfied.  How Long is the Game?  Read on to find out!

Live A Live: How Long is the Game?


From start to finish in this title, where you complete 7 chapters and then unlock 2 subsequent chapters tying everything together, you can expect a playthrough to last 25-30 hours, accounting for 2 basic ways you can approach the final chapter, without giving away spoilers.  If you’re a completionist, there are a total of 6 endings you can achieve, although 2 are quite similar and quicker to achieve.

Getting the good ending will be the most time-consuming, as it involves a lengthy recruiting process and potentially some optional dungeon-grinding (there’s a dungeon where to get through locked doors you must rely on RNG to find the enemies which drop the keys.)  This can easily add up to 5 hours to your run, or more, if you decide to complete the final chapter in every possible way.

Spoilers ahead!  For those who have played through much of the game, you’ll notice a common message shared by the stories, which is the transcendent, destructive power of hatred and how it has been able to manifest in different forms throughout history.  This game thoughtfully presents this through different stories wherein the protagonists must conquer the evil forces that manifest from this power, often seeing the toll left behind by the cruel aggressors.

This concludes our guide!  Be sure to check out our other guides to the game!  Live A Live was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 22, 2022.

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