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Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Get the Megaphone

Get the Director's megaphone on the 8th floor with this walkthrough

by Kyle Hanson


Amidst all the ghost busting of Luigi’s Mansion 3 the game is, at its core, a puzzle. Each floor and room act as a puzzle of their own, with smaller puzzles often mixed in between the larger ones. But few puzzles are as tough or complicated as the one awaiting players on the 8th floor. Here you come across a distraught director whose only wish is to have his megaphone back. Four rooms seem to hold the key, but figuring it out can be pretty tough. Here’s how to get the megaphone in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to Get the Megaphone

As you first explore this area a few things start to click into place. There’s four rooms, numbered in the order that you need to solve them in. Unlike other rooms in Luigi’s Mansion 3, these are all connected via televisions. Using these you can teleport back to the main hub while still carrying objects, which is unique up to this point in the game. This is how you’ll end up getting the megaphone, so visit each room and activate the TV sets so you can teleport as needed without hassle. Once that’s done grab the nearby bucket and head to Room 1 through the far right TV.

Once in Room 1 just drop the bucket into the well. You need the water inside but can’t reach it just yet. Now summon Gooigi and have Luigi man the camera at the front of the room. Once Gooigi walks up to the well a ghost will pop out holding the bucket, now full of water. Grab it and have Luigi carry it through the TVs back to the main hub. Take it through the next TV into the medieval set. Summon Gooigi again, making sure he has the bucket, and have Luigi start the camera/ After an action scene you can use the bucket on the plant to grow it and reach the torch at the top of the tower. Get it to Luigi and take it back through the TV to the hub again.

Now you have a torch, but you need fire. Room 3 has it for you, so take the torch through the TV into the city streets set. Get Gooigi in front of the camera with the torch and fire it up. After fighting some ghosts you can light the torch on fire using the burning buildings. Swap out and have Luigi carry the now lit torch to the final room via the TVs and hub area again. Start the camera again as normal and use the Suction Shot to open the box. Carry the lit torch inside and the spiderwebs will burn, dropping the megaphone at your feet.

That’s how to get the megaphone in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Take it back through the TV and give it to the director to start the boss battle.

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