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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – What To Do With Coins

The shop opens after a few floors.

by William Schwartz


From just about the start of Luigi’s Mansion 3 you’ll be encountering coins, bills, and other forms of currency which all goes into your overall money total. It’s not quite clear exactly what you’re supposed to do with the money in Luigi’s Mansion 3 right away.  In this guide we’ll explain what to do with the coins that you collect.

It’s not open from the beginning of the game, but after you’ve completed the first few floors in the hotel you will get an invitation to come back and speak with E.Gadd.  Actually, once you’ve gotten the Floor Four Button you will be able to spend all the cash you’ve saved up.

When you return to E.Gadd’s lab, you’ll find that there’s now a store where you can spend all that cash.  In the store, you’ll be able to purchase Gold Bones which revive you with health if you die, a gem finder and a boo finder.  There are limited quantities of these items so you’ll need to pick and choose when you want to use them.  Each item costs 1000 Coins so they aren’t cheap either.

If you’ve been wondering what you need to do with those coins, simply hold on to them until you’ve completed a few floors in the hotel and you’ll be able to spend them at E.Gadd’s lab.

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