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Luna’s Calling Week 3: Destiny 2 Guide

Complete the third Luna's Calling quest with this simple guide.

by Brandon Adams


Another week, another spooky-boi we need to exorcise. This week’s Luna’s Calling quest in Destiny 2 may appear trickier on paper, but in reality it’s the easiest step thus far.


Head to the point on the map between Archer’s Line and Anchor of Light to find the Trove Guardian.

Right where the two zones meet, near the crevice, a Trove Guardian spawns. He does rotate weekly, but if you are doing this quest during week three he will be here. These bastards hit hard, but keep them at range and take them down quickly. Once the guardian dies you’ll see a message saying a treasure has been revealed: it’s time for a jumping puzzle!

Near where he spawned a dark platform will appear that goes over the abyss: walk on to it and the next platform appears. Keep jumping up as the platforms spawn until you reach the chest, within which is Toland’s journal. The next step of the quest will task you with killing enemies with a Hive Relic Sword to gain 35 pages, which may seem daunting. It’s actually not, cause I have good news:


Escalation Protocol on Mars contributes towards this step.

Yep, you don’t have to complete this stage of Luna’s Calling on the Moon. Instead, go to Mars and either find a group running escalation protocol, or trigger it yourself. Whenever shadowrifts spawn stand in them to make the hive crystals vulnerable and pop them. Once they are gone a knight will spawn: kill it and a relic blade will drop. Grab the blade and get to cutting down the hive that are currently swarming you: you won’t get a page off of each enemy, but they drop frequently enough, with tougher enemies providing more pages per kill.

Once you have 35 pages you can head back to the moon and find Eris through the usual portal. She’ll give a brief monologue before you can collect your reward, but you’re done with the quest at this junction.

See, told ya this one wasn’t all that bad. The blade portion may seem annoying at first glance, but escalation protocol makes it quick and easy. For more guides be sure to check out our guides page for future updates!

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