Mad Max Guide: How To Earn And Find Scrap In The Wasteland

by Damian Seeto

Mad Max is a game that requires you to find a lot of scrap. The game itself does not tell you where they are usually located, so we are here to help you out.

Scrap is the most important item of the entire game. You need to spend scrap to upgrade both the Magnus Opus (the car) and even Max itself. Even near the beginning of the game, you have to collect a lot of scrap before you can continue doing the main missions.

If you want to find scrap, the first way to scout for locations is to hop on an air balloon. You should be able to see the air balloon icon on the map. Fly the balloon and use your binoculars to find new locations for you to seek out.

After you have done that, my favorite places to scrounge for scrap in Mad Max is to find “Scavenging Locations”. This is shown with a yellow diamond icon. There are many Scavenging Locations in the game and a glow should be on the ground for you to see where scrap might be hiding.

Other two locations where scrap can be found are Camps and Oil Pumps. The legend on your map should show you where they should be. If you don’t see them, you can always go on another air balloon to find more locations for Max to see.

Camps and Oil Pumps are harder than Scavenging Locations because there are usually more bad guys. However, a lot more scrap is located in these areas so they are worth it.

Another method where I found scrap were by destroying enemy vehicles. If you bash vehicles and make them explode, they usually leave behind some scrap. You can use the harpoon to kill the driver first so it will be easier for you to destroy the vehicle. I like to reverse and then ram the vehicle using the nitrous boost.

Alternatively, destroying Scarecrows is also a way to find scrap lying around too. They are on the map shown as red icons. Sometimes you may need to use the harpoon, or you can simply crash into them to destroy Scarecrows. Other Scarecrows might need an explosion so find an a fuel can and ignite it. If you are struggling to find fuel cans, the Scavenging Locations usually have them.

These are the methods I used to find scrap in Mad Max. Never ignore scrap as you need it to progress and level up both the car and the character himself. Always be on the lookout and loot dead enemies whenever you have the chance too.

Feel free to comment on other methods that scrap can be found in Mad Max. You will literally spend hours finding scrap in this game…

Update: Going through a sandstorm and harpooning a box and opening it is also a great way to earn scrap. I opened the box and got 300 pieces of scrap from it. Although sandstorms occur randomly and are hard to survive. You have to escape them by driving back to a stronghold. It was hard, but worth it in the end.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017