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Madden 20 How to Change Camera

Change your perspective on offense and defense.


There are a bunch of different camera angles you choose to play Madden 20 on other than the default view you start out in.  To change the camera angles in Madden you’ll need to head into the pause menu to change them on PS4 or Xbox One.

You need to head into the settings menu of the game.  You can access this by pausing a match and then you can scroll to the right where the gear icon is and select Settings.  Once in this menu select Visual Feedback and then scroll down to the Offensive and Defensive cameras.

Each one must be set independently as they both start off on Standard.  There are five camera angles to choose from: Standard, Wide, All-22, Broadcast, and Zoom.  Select which camera angle you want for offense and defense and exit back out to the game and you’ll see that the camera has changed.

If you want to head back to the default view for Madden 20 you’ll want to reset the Offense and Defense camera settings to Standard to get the default experience.

You can also change the camera when on the field, so long as you do so before the ball is snapped.  Pressing up or down on the d-pad will allow you to cycle through different camera angles pre-snap.

- This article was updated on:July 25th, 2019

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