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Madden 20 How to Fake Snap

Keep defenses guessing with the fake snap.

by William Schwartz


Just like real football, you can fake snap in Madden 20. Reasons for doing this is to keep the defense on its toes or draw them offsides for a penalty. However, using the fake snap can also have its downsides with the increased chance that you get a false start penalty.

However, if you have a good defensive player who is trying to jump the snap and time it perfectly you can keep them second guessing by pressing the RB button to perform a fake snap. Pressing RB/R1 will draw the screen back ever so slightly when you press it, making it look like you’re snapping the ball.

How to Fake Snap Madden 20

Xbox: RB Pre-snap

PlayStation: R1 Pre-snap

Getting a player to jump offsides with a fake snap isn’t easy, especially if they aren’t manually controlling their linemen or linebackers. However, if you see that they are doing this and are getting pressure on you by timing your snap count, you can mix things up with a fake snap to catch them off guard.

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