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Madden 20 How to Pump Fake

Double tap the corresponding icon for your receiver to fake a throw.

by William Schwartz


Mastering the pump fake in Madden 20 is one way to give your receivers a little bit of space to catch the ball when you throw it to them. By faking towards one receiver and then throwing to another you can catch the defense out of position if they bite on the pump fake. Doing a pump fake in Madden is done by double-tapping the button of the receiver that you want to throw to. Doing this you will see the quarterback fake the throwing animation and then you can proceed to throw to your intended receiver.

How to Pump Fake in Madden 20

Xbox: Double tap the RB, Y, X, B, or A button

PlayStation: Double tap the R1, Triangle, Square, Circle, or X button

It’s important to note that you cannot pump fake to a receiver that does not exist. If you try to pump fake the RB receiver but there isn’t an RB receiver on the field your quarterback will not pump fake to anyone.

Pump faking should only be used when you have enough time to do it. If you’re under pressure by the defense pump faking instead of getting rid of the ball quickly may result in a sack.

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