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Madden 20 How to Use RPO (Run Pass Option)

Some of the more complex plays to master in Madden 20.


In Madden 20 the Run Pass Option is back once again, and it’s still a viable strategy that relies on your ability to read the defense for success.  The Run Pass Option is a type of play in which you must make a split decision on whether you want to make a hand-off to your running back or keep the ball with your quarterback for a running or passing play.

The Run Pass Option basically relies on you reading the defense and whether a specific defensive player(s) collapses.

Once you’ve selected a RPO play, you can snap the ball like normal, but you will need to make a split decision immediately after.  If you don’t do anything, your quarterback will simply hand the ball off to the running back in some RPO plays.  The mechanics of the Run Pass Option are different depending on which play you pick.

RPO Alert

In the RPO Alert plays, this is an option where the QB looks at the pre-snap coverage and then decides whether to throw a quick pass or hand the ball off.  In alert plays you will automatically hand the ball off unless you choose to pass BEFORE this hand-off occurs.


RPO Peek

In the RPO peek you are looking at a specific player, the backside linebacker, to determine whether you want to hand the ball off or pass it.  This RPO is a little different as you will only hand the ball off if you press A as you roll towards the running back.  In the RPO Peek, you will see an icon above the defensive player’s head that you are looking at and who should ultimately determine whether you should run or pass the ball.

If the P Linebacker bites on the run you should pass it, if he stays in coverage you should probably run it.

RPO Read

The RPO Read is another type of Run Pass Option where you can decide to keep the ball yourself, give it to the running back, or pass the ball.  In this RPO type play you will have to press the A button during the RB/QB exchange to make the hand-off.  The Read is the most complex of the RPO type plays because you are actually reading multiple defensive players and their positioning.

So just because a play in Madden says RPO there will be different mechanics associated with it.  Make sure that you know the difference between RPO plays before trying them in-game to avoid costly yardage losing mistakes or potential turnovers.

- This article was updated on:August 2nd, 2019

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