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Madden 20 How to Switch Players

Switching players depends on the situation.

by William Schwartz


In Madden NFL 20 you’re going to want to switch players. Usually this will be when you’re on defense, but on offense as well. The change player button allows you to switch players quickly and it depends on what situations you use it in as to which player you will switch to.

How to Switch Players Madden 20

Xbox: B Button
PlayStation: Circle Button

Switching Players on Offense

You’ll control the Quarterback by default in Madden 20 when you start a play, but you can switch to your receiver once the ball is in the air. Press the B button to switch to your receiver and attempt to make a manual catch. By pressing the B/Circle button you will switch to the receiver that you are throwing to.

Switch Offensive Players Prior to Snap

You can control your offensive players prior to the snap. Press the B/Circle button to cycle through eligible players and then you can use the d-pad to put them into motion.

Switching Defensive Players

Once a defensive play has begun you can switch players by pressing the B/Circle button. This will select the player closest to the ball.

Switching Defensive Players Prior to Snap

You can select which player you want to select prior to the snap of the ball. You can do this with the B/Circle button, which will cycle through players. You can select a specific defensive player by pressing holding the B/Circle Button and then pressing the Left Stick in the direction of the player you want to control.

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