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Madden 20 How to Use X-Factor

Complete in-game objectives to unlock powerful abilities.

by William Schwartz


Madden 20 has a new featured called X-Factor which gives the best NFL players unique abilities like their real-life counterparts.  Each team has X-Factor players with abilities that can be unlocked throughout the course of the game.  So how do you use the X-Factor abilities?  This guide will explain how to unlock your X-Factor abilities in Madden 20 during a game.

First off, there are numerous players on each team that can be an X-Factor player.  Some of them have abilities that cannot be unlocked.  These are passive traits of a player that will always be there whether you complete objectives during a game or not.

Others have abilities that can be unlocked by completing objectives.  To see what your X-factor player’s abilities are and what your objectives are to unlock them,  you can see these objectives in the pause menu during a game or you can see them in the pre-play overlay for both offensive and defensive X-factor players.

Completing the objectives during the game will unlock the X-factor ability.  Each player has a unique ability to unlock, so make sure to check the pre-play screen or the pause menu to find out what your objectives are to unlock these game-changing traits.

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