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Madden 20 Ultimate Team How to Upgrade Players

Spend training points on your players to upgrade them.

by William Schwartz


Madden Ultimate Team is all about creating the best team you can through acquiring players in card packs.  However, some player cards can be upgraded using training points to make your team even better.  Not all players can be upgraded, and there are some requirements in place to upgrade others.

To upgrade your players in MUT you’ll want to head into the Team Menu in Ultimate Team.  Once inside this menu you will want to click the Adjust Lineup option and then press X/Square when highlighting a player card to see Player Options.

While Master Cards will require a master upgrade token, you can upgrade standard players with training points that are earned through playing the game, opening packs, and completing challenges.  Assuming you have the available training points you can upgrade your players.  You can then further upgrade your players by selecting chemistry boosts in different aspects of the game.  Each of these different upgrades will cost additional Training Points.

Alternatively, you can also request a refund for any training points that you’ve spent on upgrades for a player and then spend those points on someone else.  This will downgrade the formerly upgraded player.


Some cards can be upgraded as soon as you earn them.  When opening packs and getting players you can select the upgrade option in the menu above to instantly upgrade player cards when you find them in packs.

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