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Madden 21 – Who Are The TOTW Week 1 Players?

A whole new world when it comes to TOTW options.

by Dean James


Madden Ultimate Team is always one of the most popular modes in the game and that is no different in Madden 21. In the last few years, the series implemented something known as TOTW, or Team of the Week. Each week brings new cards for you to collect, with the first week of the NFL season wrapping up on Monday leading to our first lineup of TOTW for Madden 21.

Who Are The TOTW Week 1 Players?

EA Sports made some changes to how the TOTW goes in Madden 21, which included the introduction of what are known as Offensive and Defensive Heroes, as well as a Limited card that is only available for the first couple days that the pack is up.

Player of the Week: Davante Adams 89 OVR – WR, Green Bay Packers
Offensive Hero: Arian Foster 89 OVR – RB, Houston Texans
Defensive Hero: Bryant Young 89 OVR – DT, San Francisco 49ers
Limited Time Player: T.J. Watt – LOLB, Pittsburgh Steelers (Only Available Until 9/17 at 10 AM ET)

These are the main four TOTW players, but there are also other ones available as well that you can collect that you can then use to trade in towards the Player of the Week and the Offensive Heroes. These also have power ups that can let you make them better as well, even though they aren’t actually separate cards like the four listed above. These TOTW players for Week 1 are as follows:

Russell Wilson 86 OVR – QB, Seattle Seahawks (Can become 89 OVR)
Stephon Gilmore 86 OVR – CB, New England Patriots (Can become 90 OVR)
Adam Thielen 82 OVR – WR, Minnesota Vikings (Can become 85 OVR)
Chris Jones 82 OVR – DT, Kansas City Chiefs (Can become 82 OVR)
Josh Jacobs 78 OVR – RB, Las Vegas Raidders (Can become 84 OVR)
Ryan Kerrigan 78 OVR – LE, Washington Football Team (Can become 82 OVR)

With these cards, you can trade them in as mentioned above, with the following being exactly what you will need to trade in for each.

Davante Adams: 1x Russell Wilson, 1x Stephon Gilmore, 2x Adam Thielen, 2x Chris Jones
Arian Foster: 2x Russell Wilson, 3x Adam Thielen, 5x Josh Jacobs
Bryant Young: 2x Stephon Gilmore, 3x Chris Jones, 5x Ryan Kerrigan

That is all there is available when it comes to TOTW for Week 1 in Madden 21. Stay tuned for next week to see what Madden has available for you after the second week’s action.

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