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Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Unlock the Not Classy Achievement/Trophy

Don't keep it classy

by Joshua Garibay


Mafia: Definitive Edition’s fifth chapter, Fair Play, is likely to cause a resurgence of rage from players of the original, but there’s a secret achievement/trophy hiding on the other side of the once frustrating race. Once Tommy has successfully finished the race in first place, the mission begins to wind down with a search for an extremely drunk Paulie. Upon locating the intoxicated gangster, the objective updates to “Take Paulie Home,” but you shouldn’t listen.

If you are still in racecar driver mode, ripping through the streets with the speed limiter off, it’s possible to reach the golden diamond objective marker incredibly quick. The downside of your efficient but speedy transportation is that you may miss out on some of Paulie’s dialogue. As Tommy heads towards the highlighted destination, Paulie will begin talking about wanting to be taken to the ladies — “those sweet patooties,” as he so eloquently puts it. One might write off the character’s inebriated ramblings, but it’s meant to point the player toward a secret objective.

At no point does the objective marker deviate from Paulie’s home. Tommy must listen to the mediocre directions blurted out from his passenger. Or you can read this guide for clearer instructions, as you are doing this very moment. Instead of heading to the home down the street from Salieri’s Bar, continue south through Little Italy and into the Works Quarter. From here, shift your direction east and onto the West Harbor Bridge. Paulie will begin showing excitement about your new course. This is your indication that you are heading in the right direction.

On the Central Island side of the bridge, take the first right and drive south to St. Peter’s Docks. Take a left on the street immediately next to the “St. Peter’s Docks” text on the map. Lastly, take the first available left turn that follows. The Blue Tropics’ blue neon sign is visible at the end of the street. Pull up to the parking space in front of the building.


Chapter 5: Fair Play will complete just as it does when you take Paulie straight home, except now you have a secret, shiny Mafia: Definitive Edition achievement/trophy to show for the detour. If you happen to miss it on your first time through, you can always replay the mission through Chapter Replay at the main menu.

- This article was updated on:September 29th, 2020

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