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Mario Golf Super Rush – How To Get Silver Badge

The fourth tier badge.

by Dean James


It’s summer time and plenty of people are out there on the golf course in real life, but those who would rather enjoy it in the confines of their air conditioned homes can now pick up the brand new Mario Golf Super Rush. This latest release has a single player story mode known as Adventure Golf, where the main goal is to improve upon your Badge rankings. You start off with a Steel Badge and then move up to Chrome and Bronze. Next up after that is the Silver Badge and this guide will tell you just how you can earn it.

How To Get Silver Badge

Now that we have earned the Bronze Badge, it’s time to move on and get the next badge in Golf Adventure mode. That next badge happens to be the Silver Badge, which will require us to head to a new area known as Balmy Dunes and go through a series of challenges to unlock it.

When you first arrive in this desert area, you’ll be told that the normal course is closed for standard golf due to flooding in one area and extreme heat across this part of the course as a result. This leads to us having to do a few challenges from the Blue Toad that require us to be fast and efficient with getting the ball to each hole beyond just scoring well par wise.

This is because the extreme heat has made it way too hot and thus we have to have a water bottle to stay hydrated. If you don’t perform well out there on the course though, you’ll lose a lot of water and eventually pass out if you run out. However, these should be too overly hard for you to finish without running out of water, so just push your way through.

After these first few challenges, you’ll be told that another part of the course has opened that you can try out, but this one happens to have the flooded area in it eventually. So what you need to do here is play Speed Golf like the others where you have to complete each trio of holes in a time limit or else you will fail. Just keep playing and eventually you’ll reach a cutscene where you find a giant rock blocking the water and will lead to you using your Special Shot to destroy it and bring you back to the main concourse again.

Speak with the Blue Toad once again and you’ll actually be told the course is ready to go for a full 18 hole badge qualifier now. You definitely want to enter this and make your way to the course. From here, you have 18 holes where you are competing against Charging Chuck and Boo. The goal here isn’t as much to get the lowest score itself, but rather finish them all with the lowest combined time. This means you need to be as fast as possible on each hole, but thankfully the opposition will have some bad holes too that can allow you to catch up.

Take advantage of your Special Shot too when it is best suited for use and also watch out for obstacles that can get in the way of your shot and really mess you up. There is also some quicksand found on this course, so just make sure to jump your way out of it if you are start sinking into it.

Once you successfully complete this qualifier the new Silver Badge is finally yours. With the Silver Badge in hand, you can now head to the next course known as Wildweather Woods and continue your journey in Adventure Golf.

Mario Golf Super Rush is now available exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides as well if you need additional help with the game.

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