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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Does it Work on Carpet

Can your tracks use rough terrain?

by Kyle Hanson


For the rare few who have been able to order and receive their copy of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit the next challenge has begun. Unlike other titles in the series, Home Circuit tasks you with creating your own track in your real-world home. Of course all the fancy trailers have players in palatial mansions (or their apartment equivalent) and most have hardwood or tile floors. This does work best for the remote controlled car at the center of the gaming experience, but what if your house isn’t as simple? This has left many potential buyers of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit asking, does it work on carpet?

Does Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Work on Carpet?

The short answere to does it work on carpet is a quick “yes”, but after a weekend with the device I do have to add a few caviets. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a truly amazing gaming experience, unlike any other you’ll have on the Switch or any other platform, for that matter. But with that novelty comes some limitations, and carpet is kind of one of them, sometimes. As I’ve tested the various flooring materials found in my home I’ve been impressed with how well the kart has handled them, but some have caused issues.

Driving on a solid piece of carpet doesn’t appear to be a problem at all, especially if it’s tougher and more dense. Even without that though, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit handles most carpetting with ease, and I’d even say all carpets seem to work for the most part. However, problems can appear when transitioning from one type of flooring to another. So tile is fine, hardwood is fine, carpet is fine, but moving from tile to carpet can stop your race in its tracks.

Why? Not because of any major design issues with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, but merely because the kart might get stuck. A few small pieces of carpet or rug here and there might not be a problem most of the time, but occasionally my kart would become stuck just from the angle or configuration of the carpet on the tile. Rugs, especially stopped races the most as the kart could get stuck on the edge, with its wheels spinning fruitlessly as they search for anything to grip.

So, does Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit work on carpet? Yes, but when building tracks try not to have too many places where the kart could get stuck due to changes in the floor level or grip.

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