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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – How Much Space do you Need

What is the right room size?

by Kyle Hanson


When you pick up a new game you often have a lot of questions in your head, like what it will be like and whether you will enjoy it. But with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit the normal questions get turned on their head as the game offers totally unique gameplay mechanics that make your home into a race track in the game. One of the biggest and most important questions you should be asking is if you house can work for the game. So, how much space do you need for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit?

How Much Space do you Need

According to the official Nintendo specifications if you have a space of 10’x12′ (or 3mx3.5m) then you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that that space should be relatively open. You might have that much space overall, but if it’s full of furniture that can’t be driven around or under then it won’t help. Also check for obstructions, as the kart must communicate with your Nintendo Switch via local wireless. A refridgerator, couch, wall, or door can get in the way and cause interference there.

So in real world terms you should make sure you have a 10′ by 12′ open space available to create race tracks with, but the bigger the better. After a weekend of real world testing, I’ve found that the smaller tracks do still work well, if you work on adding twists and turns that keep it interesting. Larger, more open spaces are best though and let you be much more creative in your Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit track creation.

Still, the most fun you’ll have with the game is just driving around without an actual race going on. So with that in mind, it’s not that big of a problem if your space isn’t perfect. It can often trigger more creativity, such as adding real world obstructions. But that’s the answer for how much space do you need for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

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