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Mario Kart Tour – How to Accelerate

There are a few different ways you can accelerate in Mario Kart Tour

by William Schwartz


Mario Kart Tour is unlike other Mario Kart games which have a dedicated acceleration button on a controller.  Since you’re playing with the touch screen, the way that you go faster is different than other games.  In this guide we’ll give you a couple of different ways that you can accelerate and go faster.

Accelerate faster by collecting power-ups or hitting ramps

Let’s start at the beginning of a Mario Kart Tour race.  If you want to take off faster you’re going to want to boost from the start of the race.  This can be done by tapping and holding down on the screen from the “2” countdown until it reaches zero.  This will give you an acceleration boost from the start of the race.  However, once that boost wears off you’ll be needing to use these other acceleration methods.

The other acceleration method in Mario Kart Tour is to get mushrooms or hit ramps.  Mushrooms can be collected through ? Blocks and when you use them you will get a short burst of speed.  Ramps will also be found on tracks and they should have arrows that indicate that they will boost your speed when you hit them.

However, these acceleration boosts are only temporary.  The way that Mario Kart Tour works is that you will accelerate automatically and you really only speed up when you hit these boosts or use power-ups.  Speed will be standard depending on the CC class that you select.  The higher you pick the faster your kart will go.

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