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Mario Kart Tour – How to Change Steering

Change your steering method to whatever feels best to you.

by William Schwartz


Mario Kart Tour has multiple ways that you can steer.  There is a Smart Steering mode, and Gyro Handling which call be used depending on your preference.  In this guide we’ll explain how to change your steering method and what each one is.

There are basically only two ways that you can choose to steer in the game.  You can choose to use the default method which has you using your finger to swipe in the direction that you want to steer the cart OR you can use the motion sensors on your phone or tablet to use the Gyro Steering features.  In both you can use Steering Assistance to help you and that can be turned off or on via the method below:

Change Steering in the Settings Menu

From any screen in Mario Kart Tour you will simply hit the menu button and then click the gear icon.  This will open up the settings menu.  Scroll down to the steering option that you would like to use and select it.

Smart Steering

Smart Steering is an option that gives you steering assistance.  If you turn this off, the steering assistance won’t be as strong.  You’ll have more control over your kart, but the kart will also potentially be harder to control.

Gyro Handling

By default Mario Kart Tour has you steering your kart by swiping your finger on the screen.  If you would rather use motion controls, you can do this by changing the Gyro Handling option.  Once selected you will steer the kart by titling your phone or tablet.  This steering method can only be used on devices that have a sensor.

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