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Mario Kart Tour: How to Play Coin Rush

What is Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour

by Kyle Hanson


Mario Kart Tour is in some ways a slimmed down version of what players have come to expect from the series, while in other realms it is even more feature-rich. Number and variety of game modes sits somewhere in the middle, with a lot of classics returning while others are ignored. But more importantly, the game doesn’t direct you to what many will find is their favorite mode in the whole game. Here’s how to play Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Play Coin Rush

You may first wonder what is Coin Rush, since it sort of pops up in odd locations. You may get a specific Challenge directing you to play the mode, or see screenshots of a flashy gold Mario and wonder how to play like that. However you come to find out about Coin Rush mode, few ever tell you how to play it, which is actually pretty simple. All you need to do to play Coin Rush is tap on the coin icon at the top and middle of the main menu.

Tapping this will bring up a menu asking if you want to play Coin Rush and how you would like to be rewarded. To play, you need Rubies, so make sure you have enough by checking out that guide. Spending more Rubies will add extra multipliers to your final coin total. Each track will host 300 coins of different varieties, and you can earn double or much more for each you collect.

Once you’ve done all of this you’re ready to play Coin Rush. The mode is about as simple as it gets, with a small track populated with tons of coins. They’ll even be drawn to you, so you mostly just need to try to stay in the middle of the track. Drive around one time, collecting as many coins as possible, and you’ll end the race. Hopefully that answers all your questions about how to play Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour.

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