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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Change Costumes

Head to the hero menu to change your costumes.

by William Schwartz


In Marvel Ultimate Alliance each hero has alternate costumes that can be unlocked.  Doing this can be done in the Infinity Challenges, but how do change your costume once you’ve unlocked them.  It’s tucked away in the team menu.  We’ll show you exactly where you need to go to change your costume in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

If you want to change costumes make sure you’ve unlocked some first

Once you have an alternative costume unlocked, you’ll need to have the hero on your team that you want to change the costume for.  You can change that in the Hero Select menu.  Once you have them in your team, you can head into the Team Menu and then highlight the character whose costume you want to change.  Press the A Button to access Hero Info.

This will bring up the hero screen.  On the hero screen you will see all of your heroes powers, abilities, and stats.  Here is where you’ll also be able to change their default costume.  On this screen press X and you will cycle through the available costumes that you have.

Once you know where to change your costume it’s pretty easy to do so.  Your hero’s costume will remain the one you select in the hero menu until you change it again.

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