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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Change Difficulty

Change between multiple difficulty modes in different games.

by William Schwartz


In Marvel Ultimate Alliance there are three difficulty modes.  There are two default difficulty levels and then one more unlockable difficulty mode that is available once you’ve beaten the game.  This guide will explain how you change the difficulty when playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 whether you’re starting a new game or not.

Select Difficulty When You Start a Game

Anytime you start a new game in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 you will select the difficulty level that you want to play on.  If you are playing for the first time you will have two difficulty levels available to choose from.  Pick whichever difficulty level you think will be suited best for you.

Change Difficulty During a Game

In the instance that you select to continue your game from where you left-off, once you’re inside the game there is no way to increase or decrease the difficulty level.  But there is a work-around for this, which is to change the difficulty in Chapter Select.

Change Difficulty in Chapter Select

If you use Chapter Select to pick up at the last Shield Point that were at, you can effectively change the difficulty going forward.  Doing this will overwrite your save from whichever difficulty it was on prior.  To change your difficulty back you can just use the chapter select feature and select your difficulty before you embark.

Difficulty When Creating Online Room

Whatever difficulty you are playing on currently will be the default for your online room.  If you want to change this you need to change the difficulty in your game through the Chapter Select feature and progress to a save point.

Changing Difficulty When Searching for an Online Room

You can change the difficulty when searching for an online room.  When entering the room info settings you can toggle the search specifications by pressing the Y button which will cycle between Unspecified, or the difficulty modes you have available.

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