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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Get Enhancement Points

You need to level up your heroes if you want more AEP.

by William Schwartz


Enhancement Points in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are one of the currencies in the game that allow you to improve your overall squad strength by completing the Alliance Enhancement tree found in the LAB menu.  To upgrade your Alliance strength you’re going to need coins and AEP (Alliance Enhancement Points).   This guide will give you two different ways to earn these points in the fastest manner possible.

Method 1:  Use Different Heroes and Level Them Up

Your first instinct in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 might be to stick with a core group of heroes and keep leveling them up.  However, you’ll be missing out on some Enhancement Points if you don’t pay attention to the heroes that you’ve collected along the story.  Leveling up all of your different heroes will help you in earning more Alliance Enhancement Points.

Method 2:  Use your XP Cubes to Level Up Lower Level Heroes

Instead of using heroes while playing the game, you can use XP Cubes to level them up instantly.  Using these cubes to level your character will also earn you AEP points when you do so.

Method 2:  Play Infinity Rift Challenges

There are numerous Infinity Rift challenges in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 that will reward you with AEP for completing them.  The Psi, Sigma, and Lamba Rifts all have AEP rewards for completing certain challenges.

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