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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Lock-on to Enemies and Use Targeting

You need to be heroic camera view to use this feature.

by William Schwartz


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 can be a hectic game.  With four heroes on screen and countless enemies, it’s easy to lose your target in the heat of a battle.  However, you can use a target locking system if you want to help with that.  This feature is only used in the Heroic Camera angle.  This guide will explain how to change the camera angle in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and how to use the target lock system.

To use the targeting system, first you’re going to need to change the camera angle.  This can be done by accessing the pause menu by pressing the + button while in-game.  Here you can go to the System menu option and then press the R Button to select Camera Options.  Change the camera from classic to heroic.

Once you have the camera angle changed you’ll be able to lock-on and target enemies.  This only works with more powerful enemies that have a purple stagger meter below their health bar.  To lock-on to these enemies you will press in the Right Thumbstick.

When locked-on to an enemy in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 you can toggle between them by flicking the stick left or right to alternate between these types of enemies.  You’ll be able to see which enemy you are targeting as a white cross hair will appear near them.

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