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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Play Online with Friends

Playing online with friends in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 can be done from a few different places.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 allows players to team-up with their favorite Marvel heroes to do battle online or offline.  If you want to play with other players on the Nintendo Online network you’re going to want to choose the co-op menu options on the title or pause screen.  We couldn’t access the online functions until after we’d spoken with Nick Fury at the Raft.  This is only a short while into the game, and we’re not sure if this is the gate for online, but we could access it right after we spoke to this character.

Starting an online game from the title screen

Head to the “co-op” option on the main title screen this will be towards the bottom of the menu.  We couldn’t access the online functions until after we’d spoken with Nick Fury at the Raft.  Soon after you will have access to Shield Points and online should be available from the title screen after this.

Starting an online game from the pause menu

You can also start online games from the pause menu.  Simply press the + button the Switch controller and you will open the pause menu.  From here, select the “co-op” option and you will see options to create, search, or play with friends.

Create an Online Room


Once you’re in the online options you have some different ways to play online in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.  You can create your own room.  This is the first option on the menu and this allows you to be in control of everything.  You can control the stage, number of players, and whether or not you want this to be a password protected session.

If you do create a password protected online room, make sure you give your friends the password if you want them to be able to join you.

Search for Online Room

You can also search for online rooms in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 if you want to play with others.  Using the Search feature you will get a Room List, which shows a list of players that you can join (assuming you have a password if it is password protected).  If you don’t find a suitable room when searching you can also choose to create a room from this menu by pressing the Y button.  Or, you can try to refresh the Room List by pressing the X Button.

How to Play With  Friends Marvel Ultimate Alliance

To play with your Nintendo Switch friends in Marvel Ultimate Alliance you will of course need to have set-up friends on your Switch.  This is done through your profile page where you can add a friend through using their 12-digit friend code.  Assuming you are friends on the Switch with the person you are trying to join, the friends option will allow you to join people on your friends list that are playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

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