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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Reset Character Abilities

Reset character upgrades and use them somewhere else.

by William Schwartz


The necessary items that you need for upgrading characters can be hard to come by and with over thirty characters available to play with in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 you’ll probably change your mind once or twice regarding who you want on your team. Those points that you spend on your characters early on might be better used later in the game, and that’s where Void Spheres come in. These items will be collected throughout the game and this guide will explain how you use them.

You can undo your upgrades with Void Spheres

You can reset character upgrades and abilities in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 by heading into the team menu and selecting the character you want to reset. You’ll need to press the L Button to access your Hero Abilities and then you can press the Y button to reset your abilities rank. Doing this will consume one of the Void Spheres in your inventory. It will also give you back any of the AP or Ability Orbs that you’ve spent on that character, allowing you to use them somewhere else.

You can do this as often as you like, assuming you have the Void Spheres to do it. It will only cost you one Void Sphere and you should encounter these at least a handful of times throughout the course of the story mode.

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