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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Save

Manual and Auto-saves with the Ability to have multiple profiles.

by William Schwartz


Marvel Ultimate Alliance offers you plenty of different ways to save your progress.  There are manual saves, autosaves, multiple save slots, and the ability to load any save from both the title screen and from the certain points in the game.  This guide will explain all you need to know about saves in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Auto Saves

Marvel Ultimate Alliance saves pretty regularly automatically.  Meaning that there will not be many instances where you can lose your progress.  An easy way to see if your progress has been saved automatically is to look for the yellow Checkpoint message on the right hand side of the screen.  If you see that then your progress has been saved to your current save slot.

How to Save Manually

You can save manually in Marvel Ultimate Alliance by accessing the Shield LAB icons on the ground.  These glowing white circles can be accessed and one of the options you have once inside this menu is to manually save your game.  When you make a manual save it will ask you which of the save slots you want to use.  Each time you save manually it will ask you which slot you want to overwrite.

Choosing Save Slots

There are five different save slots in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  You can choose to save the same game at different points, or you can choose to start multiple games in different slots.

Loading Different Saves

You can load whatever save you want when you start the game.  However, by default, the game will automatically load into the last game that you played.  If you want to load into a different save from the title screen you need to go to the System Menu option and then select Load.  You can also load a different save from the Shield Lab while in-game.

Playing in Someone Else’s Room

If you play in someone else’s online room and are playing the story mode, if you have any unsaved progress it will be lost and you will be transferred to the same chapter as the host player.  Any progress that you make while in someone else’s online room in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will go towards your progress.

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