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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Upgrade ISO-8

Upgrade these upgrades during chapter 6.


ISO-8 allows players to upgrade their characters uniquely in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  These fragments will be found while playing the game and they have various effects on your characters.  Each character has a number of unlockable ISO-8 slots which can make them more and more powerful.  These fragments can also be upgraded once you’ve reached a certain point in the game.

Upgrades to ISO-8 will come once you reach the Dark Dimension

ISO-8 will be introduced to you in Chapter 3 and you’ll notice that you’ll also start earning a material that you can’t do anything with at the moment.  That’s because you’ll need to wait until you reach the Dark Dimension in Chapter 6 to unlock the ability to upgrade your ISO-8 items to make them more powerful.

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to modify ISO-8 you will access them from the LAB menu. Once in the menu you will need to make sure that the ISO-8 is able to be modified.  If it is, you will selet the ISO-8 you want to upgrade with the Y button and then press the A button to modify it.  Upgrading your ISO-8 will cost you credits and materials to do so, but it will increase the percentage buffs will provide.

Each character can be outfitted with numerous ISO-8 fragments and each fragment can be upgraded to make them more powerful.  Players will unlock new ISO-8 slots as they continue to level up each character.

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