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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Use Synergy Between Heroes

Use your AI teammates to their full potential.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is all about creating a great team of heroes.  Each team will have unique traits, strengths and weaknesses.  However, all of these characters play nice together with the ability to use Synergy and Abilities.

Master your abilities and use synergy for powerful attacks

Abilities in Marvel Ultimate Alliance are the powerful attacks that your character has at their disposal.  They can be accessed using the R Bumper Button and then pressing the corresponding face button on the controller (A, B, Y, X).  These attacks use the blue part of the meter around your character’s portrait which is called “EP”.


Once great part about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 when playing solo is the ability to take advantage of all of your team’s abilities.   Instead of pressing R, if you press RZ you can access your teammates attacks as well by hitting the corresponding face buttons.  When you press the ZR button, if an allies attacks are available you will see their image pop-up where the abilities usually are.  This means that you can perform a joint attack on an enemy, meaning that not only will you launch your ability attack, but your teammate’s attack as well.

Sometimes, these attacks will have a synergy effect which will damage your enemies even more than usual.  If you’re having trouble with the difficulty of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in solo mode, utilizing your abilities and your teammate abilities for synergy can really help you deal more damage.


There are also times where you’ll be able to do instant ability attacks as well.  The game moves pretty fast and it’s easy to miss, but if you ever see a teammate performing an attack and there’s a yellow link between you and them, you can perform an instant attack by pressing the A Button quickly.  It happens pretty fast and it’ll take some getting used to before you see it and can react to it, but keep an eye out for these opportunities to deal more damage as well.

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