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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Change Characters

Earn new characters and then form the Ultimate Alliance.


In Marvel Ultimate Alliance you are always playing as a group and sometimes you want to change characters.  Whether you’re in solo mode or playing cooperatively with friends it’s likely you’ll be with a group of heroes.  Marvel Ultimate Alliance will allow you to change characters while out on a mission, or you can assemble your team with the characters that you like.  This guide will explain how to change characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance in every situation.

Changing your Character While Fighting

You can change your character while playing Story Mode at any time by pressing the d-pad on the Nintendo Switch controller.  On the bottom left hand side of the screen you will see the direction on the d-pad that each character is tied to.  Pressing that direction will instantly swap you into controlling that character.  You can change freely at any time whether exploring or fighting using this method.

Adding a Character to your Team

If you want to add a character to your team you actually need to find a Shield Lab icon on the map.  These white circle areas will allow you to customize your team and add or remove heroes from your group.  You can change characters on your team by heading into the Hero Select option on the Shield Lab menu and you will be able to pick which heroes you want on your active team.  First you will select who you want to remove and then who you want to add.  Different heroes have different team bonuses that are added or subtracted when you group them together.

Changing Your Character Online

If you’re playing in an online game in Marvel Ultimate Alliance you can’t swap like you can when you’re playing solo.  But you can change the character that you are using before you enter the session.

Now that you know how to change into your characters, you can use any character that you unlock in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to form a powerful team.  If you’re not sure how to unlock characters this guide will explain when you’ll unlock characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

- This article was updated on:July 19th, 2019

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