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Marvel’s Avengers – How To Escape The Resistance Hangar

Watch out for the switches.

by Dean James


Very quickly after taking over as the teenage Kamala Khan after the time jump, she is being hunted by AIM. This starts off in the city before she manages to get away from them and take a bus out to where she believes the Resistance are hiding. Soon after arriving here, you will notice more AIM drones have forced the Resistance into hiding and you end up falling down further into the base after turning the power back on. There are obstacles on your way back up, with one of them being the hangar that can be a little tricky to figure out how to get out of.

How To Escape The Resistance Hangar

One of the first obstacles on your way back up is running away from the Hulk that you come across. After our first run in with Dr. Banner when he is a rampaging Hulk, we finally get to slow back down and continue to make our way back up to the central area of the Resistance. Not long after that, you end up in the Hangar that may be a bit confusing if you don’t know what you are doing.


To advance past this area, you first need to find the ramp in the middle area as seen in the image above and go up near the end of it. Look for the yellow switch you can hit with your arms to cause a platform to move towards you, allowing you to advance further up. This can be done by holding down the left trigger to aim and then pressing right trigger to launch your arms at it. Just make a jump from the ramp and press the corresponding button to stretch your arms for it.

Once you’re on the higher platform, you can move along and find a wall you have to break through it. From there, there’s another switch you can hit to make the platform in the distance come down. Once again, make a leap and use your stretchy arms to grab onto it and make another jump for the furthest platform.

Once in this room, there is a chest you can open that gives you your first gear and a way to turn on the power. From here, there is another switch you can hit to move the platform you used recently to open a new path. Jump onto it and then use the ramp on it to jump for the next one and make sure to stretch out to get it. From there you will finally be out of the hangar and attacked by more enemies.

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