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Marvel’s Avengers – How To Escape The Sewers

Avoid detection at all costs.

by Dean James


Marvel’s Avengers starts off all happy and everything as Kamala Khan goes to the special Avengers related convention where she was up for an award for her own fanfiction she wrote. Things change very quickly after an attack that leaves Captain America dead and the Avengers broken up. On top of that, Kamala ends up being an Inhuman that was given powers from the Terrigen Mist and we take control of her a number of years later. Kamala ends up having to evade capture at one point and ends up in the sewers, which is easier said than done to escape, so this guide will give you some tips on how to get out.

How To Escape The Sewers

After managing to hack into AIM’s systems, Kamala has to run as drones and other sentries from AIM are after her. She ends up going to Heroes Park to meet with a contact before saving a boy by using her powers against some bullies. This gets the drones after her specifically, leading to her having to find a way out.

Before you even get to the sewers, you have to make your way through Heroes Park. Enemies are everywhere and we can’t fight them, so we instead have to stay unseen. This is done by staying behind the barriers and finding the right time to make it past the enemies when there is a gap between them.

Eventually you’ll make it to the sewers, where things get a little darker and hard to see. What you are going to want to do is follow a similar strategy to when you were above ground, but here you must really rely on looking for the lights found on the enemies. There are often a few paths you can take, but only one will get you where you need to go. So take it very slow and see if you see any green light or even a white flashlight anywhere. If you don’t, continue to move forward and hopefully you will stay out of sight. You will finally make your way out of the nasty water and have an opportunity to grapple across some areas. From there, just follow the path and you’ll be able to take a ladder up out of the sewer before a cutscene kicks in.

- This article was updated on:September 6th, 2020

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