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Marvel’s Avengers How to Get Better Gear

Boost your current gear to make it better or search out new stuff.

by Daniel Chae


In Marvel’s Avengers there are multiple things to improve on your characters.   Some things are cosmetic, like costumes, but there are also different gear slots that you can fill with gear as you find it in the game.  In this guide we’ll explain how to get better gear in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Find Better Gear

Marvel’s Avengers is like a lot of games of this type in terms of how it doles out new and better gear to players.  Simply playing the game and picking up the items that you’ll naturally find is one way to get better gear.  As you continue to rank up and improve your character’s level, you’ll see that the gear you find will get increasingly better.   There are a number of different activities in the game that will reward you with gear.  These are not limited to random loot boxes that you can break open, enemy drops, defeating bosses, or completing puzzles.

It’s actually pretty easy to find new gear in the Avengers game as it’s often found by simply playing the game as you naturally would.  There really isn’t a need to farm gear in Marvel’s Avengers because it can be found quite often as a reward.

Boost your gear to make it better


Once you’ve got some gear that you like you can Boost your gear to make it better.  This can be done in the character options menus.  Open this menu which will have multiple tabs at the top which include:  Objectives, Skills, Gear, Cosmetics, etc.  To boost your gear you will want to go to the Gear section of this menu and then hover over the gear item that you would like to boost.  Each item has different resource requirements.  As you hover the gear items a card will appear that shows the different aspects of the gear piece, it’s power level, rarity level, perks, and more.  This card will also let you know if a better power boost is available (at the top) and at the bottom you’ll find the resource requirements to make the gear better.  Assuming you have the items needed to boost you can follow the prompt at the bottom of the card to boost.  Hold the button and it will consume the resources and boost your gear and make it better.

DNA Keys will guarantee you better rare gear

DNA Keys – Keys that can be farmed or earned that unlock DNA chests.  One key unlocks one chest.  The items in these chests guarantee at least blue rarity.  So how do you get these keys?  You need to look for missions that have DNA Key drops as a reward.  While browsing the levels on the War Table simply look for DNA Keys as a mission reward.

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