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Marvel’s Avengers – How to Unlock Black Widow

Black Widow joins your team halfway through the campaign.

by Diego Perez


Black Widow might not have powers on par with the rest of the Avengers, but she’s still a vital part of the team. Black Widow of one of the six playable heroes in Marvel’s Avengers alongside Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. She’s unlocked about midway through the campaign, but there is another way to play as this talented super spy right off the bat. This is how to unlock Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Unlock Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers

Black Widow is the fourth character unlocked in Marvel’s Avengers. She joins your team after completing the mission called “To Stand Alone.” This mission takes place roughly halfway through the campaign. Kamala gets herself into a bit of trouble and Black Widow steps in to save the day. Once the mission is over, you’ll be able to use Black Widow during the campaign and in multiplayer.


If you’d rather start using Natasha Romanoff sooner, however, then there is a much faster way of unlocking her. Jumping into the Avengers Initiative mode on the main menu will immediately unlock all six playable heroes, including Black Widow. This mode takes place after the campaign though, so there will be spoilers for the Avengers story. These spoilers are fairly light and mostly predictable, but there are still a few things in the Marvel’s Avengers campaign that are best experienced firsthand. If you care about the story in this game, play the campaign first. If you don’t care about the story, then jump straight into the Avengers Initiative to start grinding away with all six characters.

Black Widow’s abilities are very useful and can be devastating in the right hands. She has an ability called Veil of Shadows that lets her turn invisible and force enemies to attack other people, granting you a much needed moment of reprieve in sticky situations. Her other ability, Widow’s Bite, shocks and immobilizes enemies for a short period of time, opening them up to attacks. Finally, her ultimate ability is called Power Surge, during which she equips a staff and has increased movement speed and damage. These abilities make Black Widow a very capable fighter, and she’s great to have during some of the game’s tougher missions.

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