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Marvel’s Avengers – Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen Fix

Here's how to fix the Avengers loading screen bug.

by Diego Perez


Are you running into a never-ending loading screen when trying to play the Avengers campaign? Marvel’s Avengers is a good game, but it’s not without its faults. There are a few known issues with the game right now, and the infinite loading screen bug is one of them. Thankfully, Crystal Dynamics has released a few workarounds to get you back into the Avengers campaign as soon as possible. If you’re stuck on an infinite loading screen in Marvel’s Avengers, here’s how to fix it.

How to Fix Stuck on Loading Screen Bug in Avengers

There are two ways to fix the infinite loading screen issue in Marvel’s Avengers. The first is to access the campaign from the War Table in the Avengers Initiative mode. This mode contains spoilers for the Avengers story, so try to ignore the opening cutscene. Once you’re in control of your character, you can access the campaign from the War Table by pressing up on the d-pad and then R1 to switch to Reassemble. Press X to preview and then select the mission marked with the Avengers “A” logo.

If that doesn’t work, the second method is to have a friend invite you to their Strike Team. Once you connect, leave the Strike Team and you should be able to continue the campaign. This bypasses possible spoilers from starting the Avengers Initiative mode before finishing the campaign, but you will need a friend with their own copy of the game for this to work.

If none of these solutions work for you, then the only other option is to send a support ticket to Crystal Dynamics’ customer support team so they can work to reproduce and fix the bug on their end.

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