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Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide – How to Get N7 Armor

by Kyle Hanson


The Mass Effect series is full of iconic imagery, some of which has made its was to Mass Effect: Andromeda. One of these that takes a bit of work to get is the fantastic N7 armor, which has been featured throughout the series as Commander Shepard’s armor of choice. While your character in Andromeda isn’t actually a part of the N7 program, you can still get the armor via the R&D system. Here’s a quick guide on how to get N7 armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

As I said, the way to get N7 armor is to use the research and development system. You can access this on the Tempest at the main, center console. Here you first need to Research each part of the N7 armor set, which includes the helmet, chest plate, arms, and legs. Each of these will require 50 Milky Way research points, except the chest armor which needs 100. To get more Milky Way research points you need to pull out your scanner and scan various MW technology and items. You can find a bunch of these on the Nexus, but also throughout your adventure.

And this is just for the level 1 set of N7 armor, which can go up to 5 levels higher. These require more points, as well as the level below it being researched. But let’s focus on level 1 N7 armor since that is the easiest and is required for the higher levels’ creations. So, once you have researched the parts of the N7 armor that you want, it’s time to head into the Development section.

Here you actually create the parts of the armor, using various resources. N7 armor, no matter the type or level, requires Omni-Gel, copper, iridium, and platinum. You’ll need a lot of these, especially if you want to make an entire set, and you’ll need even more if you want the higher levels of the armor. You can collect these items throughout your time in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check shops if you have to, but opening containers and watching your mining meter while driving the Nomad should do it. You can even see what elements are most abundant on planets in the selection menu.

And that’s how to get N7 armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Check it out and let us know in the comments if you need more information.

- This article was updated on:April 16th, 2017

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