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Mass Effect Andromeda New Game Plus: What You Need to Know

by Al McCarthy


Once you’ve completed your journey through Mass Effect Andromeda you’ll have the option to venture forward into New Game Plus.  Like other games, Mass Effect Andromeda New Game + allows you to replay the game with many of the things you’ve unlocked in your first playthrough.

First and foremost though, to access New Game Plus in Mass Effect Andromeda you’ll need to have completed all of the priority missions in the game.  Afterwards, you’ll find that New Game Plus is available.  Here’s what you need to know about your second journey in Mass Effect Andromeda and what things will carry over into second playthrough.

What carries over to New Game Plus

Skill points, credits, level, research data, non-quest related items, and unlocked powers will all carry over with you.

  • All your credits
  • Character Level
  • Items not related to quests
  • Skill points
  • Unlocked Powers
  • Research Data

What doesn’t carry over to New Game Plus

You character appearance doesn’t necessarily have to carry over to this new playthrough.  Once you begin this mode you’ll have the option to re-customize your character or select either of the twin Ryder characters.

Since it will be a new experience, some other things that you may or may not have completed do not carry over and must be found or unlocked again.  These include: Codex entries, Cryo Pod Perks, and Quest Related Items.   Also any progress that you’ve made in side missions or main missions will be gone in New Game Plus as well as any relationships you’ve formed or story choices that you’ve made.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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